• Installation

  • Why is it your AC breaks in the summer and the heater goes out in the winter? It is probably because that is when your 10-15-year-old HVAC system is operating on overtime.

    It might be time to get a new heating and cooling system and HVAC Repair Sarasota has the team of certified professionals to help you choose the right system for your needs. Call HVAC Repair Sarasota today!

  • When do you need a new AC system?


    Sometimes it is better to replace an air conditioning unit than to patch one up. Worse, equipment often seems to break during July and August – the hottest months of the year – when your AC is working overtime to keep you cool. Waiting until the last minute to replace your unit isn’t always the best strategy.

    At HVAC Repair Sarasota, we can install the most energy-efficient AC unit for your home or office. We install a variety of brand-name units, including Rheem, Trane, Carrier, York, Bryant and much more.

    HVAC Repair Sarasota will determine the right system for your home based on the square footage, windows, insulation, ceiling heights and roofing. Some homeowners try to buy a system larger than they need, others try to save money by choosing an undersized HVAC system for their home. Both approaches cause problems. A larger unit will turn off too quickly which inhibits the system’s ability to remove moisture from the air. Too small a unit will be over-taxed and break down sooner.

    Yes, it is an expensive household appliance but energy.gov says you can save up to 20-40 percent on your energy costs by replacing an old, out-of-date AC unit with a new energy-efficient one. Plus, you might qualify for tax credits depending on the unit you purchase.

    Advantages of replacing an out-of-date AC unit:

    • Savings on energy costs

    • A smaller carbon foot print

    • Cleaner air

    • Even temperatures

    • The latest technology

    Signs you need a new AC unit:

    • A unit 10-15 years old

    • An expired warranty

    • Frequent breakdowns

    • Costly repairs

    • Unit uses R-22 refrigerant

    • Formation of ice particles

    • A rising utility bill

    • Humidity problems

    • Excessive dust

    • Noise

    • Temperatures too warm or too cold

    • Refrigerant leaks

    If you currently have an AC unit that is more than a decade old, give us a call to find out about the latest energy-efficient technologies and equipment.

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